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Embracing Complexity

Based on 30 years of innovation in microbial biotechnology, Lonza offers the XS Technologies® for Microbial Expression, an advanced and versatile production platform for biological candidates.

No single host type or vector is capable of being the best expression option for all types of biotherapeutics and vaccines. Therefore, Lonza has assembled a collection of proprietary expression systems that are screened in a high throughput manner to identify the best production clone for your product facilitated by our Developability Assessment, Rapid Host Screening, Strain Development Services and other customizable service offerings.

Various E. coli options form the foundation of Lonza's XS Technologies® platform and are complemented by several host options, including P. pastoris (Pichia) and B. subtilis (Bacillus).

In combination with our upstream and downstream production platforms, our XS Technologies® platform quickly deliver cGMP processes that are:

    • Productive
    • Robust
    • Scalable
    • Efficient


The benefits of XS Technologies® platform can be explored in two ways:  Lonza offers a Rapid Host Screen service in Cambridge, UK site, strain development services in Visp, Switzerland and XS Technologies® plaform are available for use in your own labs under a Research Evaluation Agreement (REA).