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Drug Product Services Overview

We have created a Drug Product Services offering as part of our drive to enable customers to meet some of the greatest challenges in patient treatment. Together with our existing Development and Drug Substance manufacturing capabilities, our drug product services enable us to provide one-stop-shop service solutions for our customers. Drug product services focuses on parenteral dosage forms, including products for injection and infusion for intravenous, subcutaneous, intraocular and other routes of parenteral administration. Services include options for monocolonal antibodies and other biologics, drug conjugates, peptides and small molecules that require a parenteral dosage form.

Drug Product Services are offered from laboratories based in Basel (CH), with an initial focus on Formulation Development and Drug Product Analytical Development and Quality Control. Specialized services are also available for customers, including particulate identification, characterization and quantification, excipient and surfactant characterization, extractables & leachables assessment and testing of container closure integrity.  

For additional information on our Drug Product Services facility, visit our site page Basel, Switzerland.